A number of improvements can be made to ensure that your website is fully optimized in search engines. We will do a full audit to better optimize your site. Our team will write up a list of improvements that can be sent to your Webmaster, or if you prefer to give our team access, we can make those changes for you.

• Keyword research will be performed to identify the best words and phrases to target. We will provide a list of our recommendations and utilize these words to optimize content and metadata.

• Content optimization suggestions will be provided for the home page and significant subpages. Recommendations will be based on keyword research findings.

• Analyze, recover, and leverage existing link profiles to improve search rankings. We can identify negative links that are harming search rankings and get them removed. We can also find broken links or links that are not using Keywords accurately and take steps to improve them. By leveraging existing links we can increase your authority and search rankings in Google.

• Write and optimize metadata tags for key pages on your website. Metadata tags are important text snippets used by Google and other search engines to rank and display search results. Optimizing these tags based on keywords is important for search rankings.

• Provide in-depth search engine optimization analyses to identify and resolve on-page ranking factors that can be improved.