The Podium Marketing approach to lead generation

Step 1: Understand your target audience

Step 2: Understand your target audience’s desires and fears

Step 3: Understand your target audience’s ‘Journey’

Step 4: Execute: The Moment. The Message. The Media

The Right Moment

The ‘journey’ we take in online is often a circuitous one. Initial thoughts of what we’re looking for, insights from opinion leaders, and other brand signaling can influence the process.

While we can’t predict every moment, research can single out several of them that most people ‘pass through’ along their journey to online content.

The Right Message

The old days of endless branded message repetition are gone. Today, users want to hear something relevant to them; something relevant to the specific problems they’re facing.

They want messages that heighten wants and desires, and also ones that reduce fears and anxieties. They want messages with physical benefits as well as emotional ones; practical solutions to problems as well as mental ones.

At Podium Marketing, successful lead generation comes from applying the right messages to the right target audience at the right moments.

The Right Media

All of us live in a multi-media world, on multi-media devices. We are inundated with ways to get information – and we use several of them every time we take a ‘journey’.  Each medium gives us the information or experience we desire – or not, depending on how well we pick and how well others present the information.

Advertising, PR, email and other media each take a place in providing solutions for lead generation. Our job is to pick the best media for the best return on investment.